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Please note the following regarding your timetable:

  • Certain classes have been identified on your timetable as "Online Lecture", "Online Lab Lecture", "Online Tutorial" or "Online Practical". While these classes will still have a room number associated with them, this is to facilitate online delivery by the lecturer from that location if required. Please be advised that in these cases a traditional "face to face" class will not take place at the stated location (unless otherwise notified by your lecturer).

  • All other classes (identified as "Lecture", "Lab Lecture", "Tutorial" or "Practical" on the timetable) are scheduled to take place at the stated time and location.

  • There may be some necessary changes to the timetables over the coming weeks and, in general, these changes will be published on a Friday afternoon and take effect from the following Monday morning.

  • For information relating to Limerick School of Art & Design timetables please contact ArtandDesign@lit.ie
  • If you have a query regarding which group you have been allocated to on your chosen programme please refer to the relevant Faculty Office.
  • For further information please refer to the On Campus FAQs section at lit.ie/oncampus.

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